The Alumni Music Group

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Welcome To Tha Alumni Music Group.

Our Main Goal Is to Find Upcoming/Top Music Artist and To Get There Career Further To Success Or Further on. Our Interests in Different Genres Of Music Artists Are Widely Ranged From Hip-Hop,RnB and Pop. That Doesnt Mean We Will Not Take Any Other Genres. We Are Determined To Be The Best At What We Proudly Do. Look Through Our Artist and There Music To see what T.A.M.G is Really Doing. 

Theirs New Artists Signed Daily. Also New Music And Partys Going On All the time. Make Sure You Take a Look At Our Whats Happening Section.

Wait, You Dont Know Who Alumni Is? Go To Tha Alumni Section ANd you will get filled in With Details About Us And What We Are really Trying To Succeed In detail.

If Your A Artist!:

Got to our Artist Signing Section And We will Get Intouch With you as Soon as Possible, Everything That You Need To Do Is Under That Section.

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